SW students (Group 1) given EPLMF grant assistance to attend the Asian Family Summit, 19-22 Aug 2018

We attended the ASEAN Family Summit 2018 held in Hong Kong over the span of 3 days in August. In this summit, there were many talks conducted by experienced social workers as well as directors of different organizations in the social service sector. These talks contained precious golden advices that we could tap on and we found them extremely eye-opening. We definitely had a fruitful experience there. The key takeaways were not only useful in our current study as an undergraduate in social work, but also in our future work with clients and the community as social workers. Moreover, as we presented on our poster in a slides presentation during the summit, we managed to converse with the audience in hearing their thoughts and opinions which added to our learning. Alongside our presentation, our poster was put up for viewing in an exhibition hall during the summit.


Click here to view Summary of the recommendations  for VWOs of  Special Needs Children

Click here to view Report of learning outcomes on Special Education Support for Special Needs Organisations

Click here to view poster

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