Dr. S Vasoo is Chairman of the Ee Peng Liang Memorial Fund Committee and Associate Professorial Fellow in the Department of Social Work, National University of Singapore. He obtained his Doctorate and Master of Social Work from the University of Hong Kong and holds a Diploma in Social Studies, with distinction, from the University of Singapore. He was awarded the Jean Robertson Book prize in his social work Master course and the Ruth Wong Award by Singapore Children’s Society.

He authored a number of monographs on social issues and has published numerous such articles both internationally and locally. He was awarded the Honorary Life Member of the Singapore Association of Social Workers for his outstanding contributions to social work in Singapore.

Dr Vasoo was Member Parliament from 1984 to 2001. He also served as Chairman of the Government Parliamentary Committee for Community Development. He now volunteers as advisor to various committees of community organizations, including the Singapore Central Community Development Council.

He was appointed Justice of Peace, Singapore in 2005.  In 2007, he received the Distinguished Alumni Ward (2007) of the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Hong Kong and in 2015, Dr Vasoo received the Ann Wee Alumni Award by the Department of Social Work, National University of Singapore.