There are many new emerging socio-economic and psychological issues which can affect and be barriers to human development. I am optimistic that even with automation, creative human endeavors are needed to deal with challenges facing human kind.

As peoples in different communities, we are adaptive and enterprising. We work together to find innovative approaches to deal with societal setbacks. In this respect, I am committed to promote various charitable causes and works through the selfless drives of the late Dr. Ee Peng Liang. Dr Ee was well known in Singapore’s charity scene. He was as an inspiration for concerned persons and young people to engage in building a caring community that involves both the strong and weak in order to promote a better place for all.

I hope those who believe in making a difference to people’s lives will be encouraged to support the Ee Peng Liang memorial Fund. Whether it is a grand gesture or in small unique ways, your support is most welcome. Contributions to the Fund will trigger and inspire the growth of many caring people and helping initiatives. There are many young people who can be encouraged to undertake community services and initiate projects that can enhance community betterment. Through their youthful engagement, they can move others to participate.

I urge you all to join us in lending a helping hand to improving lives.

Dr S. Vasoo

Chairman, Ee Peng Liang Memorial Fund Committee


Dr. Ee Peng Liang

Ee Peng Liang, (24 November 1913-24 August 1994) (Chinese: 余炳亮) was a businessman and a philanthropist. He was the founding member and President of the Singapore Council of Social Service as well as the Community Chest. Known as the “father of charity” in Singapore, Ee Peng Liang was well known for his charitable nature and voluntary work, for which he received numerous accolades. Ee also held key appointments in over 50 public organisations ranging from Christian welfare agencies, reformative institutions, public welfare bodies, and even women’s and Malay/Muslim associations.

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted

Committee Member

Together We Make a Difference to Society